Moving toward God

So who’s jn1010?  My best friend in all the universe: The Lord Jesus Christ, who said in the Bible at John 10:10    I am come that you might have life….   How true that was, is and will be.  He found me in California, a bit fried, surfing for glory and fame and going no where quickly.  Working at Sunset surfboards way back in 1970, Ed Wright was telling someone about Jesus and I overheard the conversation.  Afterward I asked Ed about that and he invited me to his house for a Bible study.  I had no idea what I would get into.

I’d tried the eastern meditation route and couldn’t really bend my body around the lotus position that well so I moved on.  I sat in a temple and saw the photos of this guy and that guy and there He was, Jesus.  Somehow I knew that was the right choice. It was shortly after that I was working for Sunset and my journey began.

That was over 40 years ago and I’ve been through so many different things I can hardly believe or remember it all.  But today I am happily married to my wife, Jackie, have 2 grown up kids and 3 grandkids and 3 Thai girls who adopted us that call us mom and dad and look forward to all God has for us.  Jackie and I have worked just like you, we’ve been in missions for many years, lived in Hong Kong, Thailand and can’t get enough of the adventures God provides us.  We are Orthodox Christians, which came to us after many, many years of Protestant religion.  Finding the Church in its fullness has made us even more in love with Christ.  How amazing He is and how amazing it is to be found in Him, having a righteousness that comes from His grace, mercy and love.  We are nothing and apart from Him we can do nothing.

So there’s the really short version for the first blog on this site.  When I get the time, I’ll import the other stuff from Blogger and see how that works out.  If you are tired of going in circles, chasing after the latest thing and bouncing from one dead end to the next, contact us.   It is a joy for us to give away what we have found…


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