Jackie rejoicing we have a bed to sleep in.

“Time flies.” Everybody, at least everybody around my age, says that. And I think it does pass by at supersonic speed. That photo is of Jackie in 1988 when we were on an outreach in Taiwan.  Seems like lasts week yet it was 25 years ago.  We’d been sleeping on floors and all kinds of funky places and then the last week prior to our return to the U.S. we were chosen to get this room.  Why us?  Because we were married and happy to share the room with our single lady Chinese translator.  That was the first of our short-term outreach adventures and between then and 1996 we went to Brazil, Hong Kong (that one went for a year and a half), China, Macau, India, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Thailand.  Our YWAM life-style came to a happy end in 2007 when we returned from living in Thailand for four and a half years.  To say we are blessed people would be a huge understatement.


Cadence (Bubs) wishing you all a happy Valentine’s day, kind of late.

Since moving back to the USA we’ve settled into our routine of growing old,  playing with grandkids and doing our best to stay ahead of the cost of living here.  All the while, we longed for those days of flying off on adventures to share the love of God with all who would listen–sometimes even with those who didn’t listen! But we were polite. So is this the announcement that we are moving away again? Forsaking our kids and grand kids?  Nope.  It’s more amazing than that.

When we got back here in 2007 the country entered into an economic recession and the job I had was with a company that went out of business.  From then on I just put out resumes and hoped and prayed for a job.  I worked part-time at Mosquito Control and did that 3 years in a row (6-month contracts) and then just gave up and retired.  I worked another 6-monther after retiring with mosquito control and that ended in October 2012.  We  can’t live on my retirement and Jackie’s part-time job so I planned on doing that routine until I could no longer physically do the work.  Mosquito control can be grueling at times.

On Feb. 26th I got a phone call from the Director of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) that is, happily, located here in St. Augustine.  He asked me if I would like to come to work for them.  That was a surprise, but the biggest surprise of all was they needed me to work in accounting.  I quietly laughed and told him I would talk to their CPA but made no promises.  I know very little about accounting.  After talking to the CPA on the phone, I went if for an interview and I can only guess that God blinded him and Jenna, the department manager, because two days later they said they would hire me.  So I’m now employed, working a 30-hour week with benefits.  I’ve not had health insurance for many years so this is quite a blessing–not that I plan on being sick, but you never know.  Here’s where I now spend my days:  ocmc.org   Have a look.

As many of you know, we love foreign missions. Now when I go to work I am again participating in the gospel of Jesus Christ going to all the nations.  Every morning before work the staff meets to pray for our missionaries and their works, and I’m surrounded by  wondeful people who think as I do:  All should have the opportunity to hear that God loves them.

I’m learning the job and I know what I do helps those in the field to do what they do.  I’ve always known that missions are most successful when the one in the field is supported by a bunch of folks back home.  I’ve always been the field guy but now God has opened this door to be the support guy.  What a blessing.  Perhaps Jackie and I will go on a mission adventure again–we would love to do it–but for now we are content to do what we do:  her teaching 4-year olds and me at OCMC.   We are mostly happy and always blessed.  What a wonderful way to live.

I pray you who are reading this will be blessed by God and filled with His glorious grace, mercy, peace, joy and love.



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