Don’t you wish they grew that way?

God created the heavens and the earth and He said it was all good.  I agree.  Green beans are great just like God created them, but don’t you like the way these look with some bacon wrapped all around them?  Man, I do.  We, that would be my family, got together for some holiday event and brought all sorts of good things to eat, the bacon/beans being one of them.  I liked the looks of it so I took a picture.  My wife, Jackie, and I aren’t normally putting bacon into our systems, but it just tasted so good we had to do it.  Umm, umm, umm.  Made a good photo too.  When the sun came up the next morning, we were back to our mostly healthy eating again and  mostly boring life.  But for one afternoon, we tasted of the bacon and walked on the wild side.


I got my eye on you.

How do you like that red flower on the right?  After  I looked at the photo I was sure it was looking back at me and had, perhaps, taken a photo of me taking a photo of it.  I wonder if when it closed up for the evening a viewing of humans was had by the other three flowers growing from the bulb?    Perhaps the inquisitive look from the flower was to remind me that while I’m looking at creation the Creator is looking at me, His son.  Not His only begotten Son, but his little one still down here on earth trying to find his way back home.


Glitzed out for the frog ball.

My little froggie on the left is one of hundreds that live around my house.  They love to jump on me when I walk by, especially if it is dark–they know it will really freak me out when their slimy little fingers grasp my arm.  But I really enjoy them and thought you might like to see this one close up.   He makes me think that someone with way too much glitter got involved in building frogs and went overboard.  I’m sure there’s a reason for all that flash.  Maybe the girl frogs love it.  If you download it and make it a couple times bigger, it looks kind of like a puddle of molded vaseline mixed with glitter.  Very cool, this way God has of taking something so small and insignificant and making it beautiful.


Hold that pose–DON’T JUMP!

Since we put in one frog, we might as well put in another one I found out back.   This guy looks more like an angry tonka truck than anything else I’ve seen hopping around.  But he was quite friendly and let me put him here and there and he’d stay still for the macro shots.  He was much bigger than my green friends–perhaps 6-8 times bigger. 




In my backyard there are lots of things to photograph and no collection of hoppers and  flowers would be complete without a flyer or two.  So here you go.  The butterfly below would fly from one flower to  another and only stay put for a matter of seconds.  I have a budget camera (compared to what my professional photographer son has) so I had to get close enough to macro him, the zoom kind of lacks, and hope he/she’d hold still.  He/she did.  I was amazed at the sharpness of focus.  

Don't move!

Don’t move!

Here’s a dragonfly. It reminded me of a book I read many, many years ago called “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” which is a quote from Psalm 139.  If you look at this bug long enough and start to study closely his wings, eyes and other features you see that someOne with an incredible imagination was at work when this one was created.  All of creation cries out with one voice that there is a Creator and He is loving, compassionate and kind.  Every color that we finite humans can imagine have been used to paint for us a reflection of God’s beauty.  The mountains declare His power; the seas His emotion and to crown it all He made you and He made me.  From nothing He made us, fearfully and wonderfully made us after His likeness and image.  To be sure, we’ve spoiled what He made, including ourselves, but the Creator in His mercy gave us His only son to restore, better than ever, all of creation–even me and even you.   DSCF4104

So it’s getting late and I’m off to bed, but I go to bed in the comfort of knowing there is an Angel watching over me and a Father who dearly loves me.  I look forward to another day on earth because each one brings me a step closer to home.  Hope you liked my photos.


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