Becoming Terminal

          When he told me I was terminal, I was sure there must have been a misunderstanding. Surely not me, terminal! Sure, I’m getting old, but I still think I’m abouImaget 20 or so. The other day,  just for fun, I went out and ran 2 miles to just see if I still could. It’s been since 2005–going out for a run. That time I nearly had to crawl home my leg was hurt so badly.

          I know what you are thinking: “Bob’s not terminal. He’s just leading me on so I’ll read his stupid blog.”  If Imagethat’s what you are thinking, you are sort of right. But that’s not the point of my writing tonight. The point is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time and I’m trying to sort it out in my own feeble brain and it helps me to write things down. Now and then I write something that I share and people have actually liked it. Weird.

          So here I am, traveling down the path that leads me into my Father’s arms where His Son has been building me a mansion to live in for a really long time.  Bet it’s a nice one.  What do you think He builds with, that is, what kind of materials does He use? Whatever He needs He can just speak it into existence.  I’m thinking He is using the relationships I’ve had these last 60 plus years, and maybe a few more to go, and weaving them into something of unimaginable beauty.  I don’t think it will have a front and back door or even windows, but the substance will be that of  joy–the joy of having the 100s and 100s of people I’ve met all over the world in one place where we each remember the joy we brought to one another on earth and then see it multiplied 10 gozillion times so that the power of the joy is so intense we can barely comprehend it.  Of course we’ve read, if you have read the Bible, that the Kingdom of God is made up of righteousness, peace and joy.  So He’s got some other building material too.  What an amazing place and future I have and all because I’m terminal.  

         We have in common this being terminal thing.  Everyone began the journey of being terminated as soon as he or she began their trek as a human living on earth.  I don’t know about Martians, but we earth people are all going to return to dust one day.  That’s kind of grim thinking, unless you know you have a future and hope that begins at the termination of this present life.  And the joy of termination is that we can choose prior to that event where we want to go next.  For me, I’ve chosen Jesus because He is the One who came from heaven and told us that He loved us and wanted to give us His Kingdom as our very own.  All we have to do is make the choice to love Him and do as He did and instructed.  How much simpler can it get?  

            The beauty, the glory and majesty of life comes from the hands of God who fashioned it from the very beginning of what we call “time” in His own image and likeness.  He had all eternity, which is like infinity times infinity squared by infinity to think how He wanted us to look, act like and be.  He breathed His breath into our lungs and off we went into the world.  Unhappily, all of us at one time or other decided to go it without Him.  But our Father didn’t let that stop His purpose.  He made us.  He loves us.  He has done every possible and conceivable and non-conceivable thing that could be done to bring us back to His embrace.  Never forget that God is love.  He loves what He made.   He loves the oceans and the mountains and the forests but more than anything else, He loves you.  And when you and I didn’t know what to do, He sent Jesus to show us. 


Open the door of your heart–I’d love to come and be with you…

          Like I said in the beginning, I’m terminal, but guess what—so are you!  What are you going to do about your temporary status as a living, breathing human being on earth?  Most of you who read this are people I know.  Most of you are Christians.  Some of you are Buddhists.  Some of you don’t even care that God is.  Me? I’m going to love Jesus with all my heart, strength, mind and soul and enjoy that mansion of joy He is building for me when my heart quits beating and my lungs quit filling.  I pray you’ll be there too.  My home would be incomplete without you.


If you are wondering about my terminal status, at this instant in time, I’m in great health and enjoying my life in Christ as an earth man.  







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