There’s not a lot of newsletters coming off the Robinson keyboard anymore, but I thought it might be a good time to at least say hello and wish all a Merry Christmas and share a few photos.  Jackie and I joined the youth group for “ugly sweater night” and came up with sweatersthese fine outfits.  We didn’t win, but we did have a lot of fun with the kids.  We’ve been teaching the teens at our Anglican church for a few months and it’s a joy to do.  Teens are a challenge but never uninteresting.  Leah and her crew are all decked out in their tigershirtstiger t-shirts, which is Rob’s production company logo.  But you can see the boys are mostly grown up except for Elijah, who’s enduring middle school.  Oh, scary memories.  The line up goes like this:  left to right — Elijah, Jake, Rob (fiance), Zach and Leah, being so gracefully balanced.  They are doing well and totally go nuts with their bikes, runningxmasnateshoes, climbing equipment and skateboard about every weekend.  Nathan, Becka and Cadence are all fine and well.  For a couple of 1st timers, they have done an awesome job of loving Cadence (Bubs) and spoiling him.  What else do you do with your first kid? As they make their way through life, it’s fun for us to see them expanding into new frontiers as parents. We are blessed to have all these grandkids, all boys as you probably noticed.  But in the Robinson family we also have Glynn and Boom Reeves.  Boom camwaylae our way as a senior at the University where I (Bob) taught and Glynn volunteered  as my helper when we lived in Thailand.  Boom came to Christ, Glynn snatched her up and they were married and now have REEVESthese two lovely kids, living in Birmingham, Alabama.  Since we’ve never had a grand daughter, Wayla Gets a photo all of her own.  How cute is she?  Winter, their son, is about as happy a kid as I’ve ever hung out with.  While living in Thailand we picked up others who call us mom and dad, so I better show them off too.  You never know who might see this!  Here’s Gade with her husband, Therd, of about 5 weeks. She too came our way in Thailand as a YWAMer who wanted to learn more about dance so she moved in with us and her and Jackie are cemented together.  Last but not least is Dow, who capturedGade my heart as a Buddhist student that later came to Christ, and has been living for Him since.  She was one of my English majors and is now an English teacher and the head of the Academic Dept.  Guess I didn’t mess up her education too badly.  As I think about it, there are others we’ve known over the years who have stolen our hearts and become “family.”  But I will stop here and simply say God is good and His grace, love, mercy, kindness and joy has kept Jackie and I happily married for 42 years and given us a wonderful group of people around us, family.  How blessed we are.  I pray you, too, are filled with His grace and enjoying His blessings!     dow


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