How many of your friends are on a diet?  I bet I know why.  Most of them are overweight.   Obesity has outrun malnutrition as a cause of death.  Nearly 20% of the people in the United States die from the effects of obesity.  When you read these statistics it encourages you to go on a diet.  How many of your friends went on a diet and actually lost weight that wasn’t regained within a few months?  Not many.  I know why:  Dieting doesn’t work.  In fact, if you cut your caloric intake enough, you will greatly slow down your metabolic rate and guess what?  You don’t lose weight at all.  You just get hungry and cranky.

Mr. Spock made famous the “Live long and prosper” quote, but in a way it’s not a blessing.   Perhaps “Live a long and healthy life” would be a better blessing.  The wages of sin is death (that’s in the Bible) and eventually everyone is going to die.  So I’m going to die but I’m going to make it my goal to get to death as healthy as possible.

After the age of 30 something happens to our bodies, both men and women.  Muscle mass decreases; reaction times slow down, metabolic (calorie burning) slows down and a pound or two that used to come and go comes and stays.  After 10 years that 2 pounds is now 20.  At 40 you look in the mirror and hardly notice, but when you see some of your old photos you do!

When Jackie and I were jackbeachmarried, she weighed 87 pounds at 5’1″.  Forty years later she was still about 5’1″ but weighed nearly 130 pounds.  When she weighed more than me, she got ticked off.  She dieted, and it didn’t work.  We did a 7-day juice fast and she lost about 5 pounds but that came back shortly afterward.  All along, she has done some kind of exercising and teaching a ballet class, but it wasn’t affecting her weight gain.  What she didn’t have was a plan.  There are all kinds of plans–some really good ones and some that aren’t good at all.

Jackie got on the scale yesterday and came out and said, “It says 118.4 pounds.”  She was beaming with joy.  She took a picture of herself in a dress she hadn’t been able to get in for 2 years.  How did that happen?  Our beloved daughter-in-law, Becka, met a much more giant of a challenge than Jackie and overcame it and we watched.  She had our grandbeckason, Cadence, and gained 70 + pounds, was depressed and fixed that all up by eating and being more depressed.  That went on for a time and then she saw a Beach Body Challenge video and something clicked in her heart and she jumped in.  Here she is after losing that 70 pounds.  She told us what she did so Jackie said, “I can do that.”  Becka suggested she order the Beach Body 21-Day-Fix program, so she did and was off on a new adventure.  The 21 days came and went and we made some amazing discoveries.  She was no longer taking blood pressure medicine.  She was doing exercises that she never dreamed of doing and did them without killing herself (though she sure can sweat!).  And here’s the most amazing of all:  She didn’t have a single migraine while doing the program.  Jackie has had severe migraines for 42 years (hmm…that’s how long we’ve been married).  Exercise was one of many triggers that caused them and when she would work out, she’d get a migraine. Just prior to starting the 21-Day-Fix, she had had a migraine that lasted 5 days.

After completing the 21-Day Fix she lost some weight and inches and said, “I’m gonna do it again.”  She is doing a modified version of it right now, but in June she is going to do the full program again.  It doesn’t teach weight loss, it teaches life-style changes that lead to better health and, as a bonus, you lose weight if you need to.  If you don’t, like me, you just get healthier.

Live long and prosper.  I don’t think so.  I say live healthy, long and give away the treasure God has put in your life.  One of our treasures to share is Becka’s support group that you can participate in starting in June if you want to jump in with us. They have a great time comparing stories and sharing triumphs and set backs.  If you want, you can participate in it, too.  We’re easy to find: or find us on Facebook.  Yes, it costs money to buy the products and yes we benefit from it if you buy through us.  But that’s not why we are doing this.  The plan worked.  Jackie and Becka are the proof.  They are both in better shape; healthier; more energetic, confident and Jackie is off her blood pressure meds and has had a single, one-day migraine in the last 7 weeks.  That is amazing for her.  When I found out that “God so loves the world…” I tried it, it worked and I’ve spent the last 45 years telling others.  If it doesn’t work, I won’t tell you to try it.  Email us if you want to start a new health adventure and be part of the June group.  There’s still room for a few.

I’m entering the middle section of my Beach Body challenge, the P90.  I’m soon to be 66 years old and in good shape, but I’m suffering from “furniture’s disease,” that malady when your chest drops to your drawers.  The P90 starts out slow and easy but over the 90-day course it progresses to greater challenges.  There’s weight work, aerobic work and ab work.  Yes, it hurts a little.  But like I said, when my time comes to move to the eternal dwelling, I want people to say, “But he was perfectly healthy.  He was still surfing, running and biking.”  And then I want to hear these words from Jesus, “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord.”  Come join us.  Who knows where we will find ourselves next year?


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