Xmas2015.jpgChrist is Born!  Glorify Him. What a joyous time of year this is.  We pray our Christmas greeting finds you all well and abounding in God’s mercy and grace.  We are grateful for all of you and your friendship over the many years.  We are well, living in the same place since 2007, which is a record, and looking forward to our coming King.  Kids and grandkids are all fine, xmasCounter.jpgas are we.  Jackie continues to dance and each year she thinks it might be the last one her knees will go, but they continue.  I still find a way to make my body conform to a surfboard and enjoy the ocean, which is good since it’s only a few miles from our house.  The dog and cat continue to make us crazy and fill the house with hair, but they make good companions and keep us active cleaning it up!  trekking.jpgLife is good.  God is more than faithful and we hope to see you one day.  Our house is small but we can always make room for a traveling friend.  For you who haven’t seen us in a while, here’s some more ffamily.jpgamily photos to fill in the gaps.  I’m not sure what was wrong with Jake (funny face I guess).    When Nathan and Becka take a selfie, it comes out better than when I put my camera on a tripod.  Here BeckaBubs.jpgthey are individually along with Cadence.  Nathan is drumming in a band once again and he’s really thrilled about that.  No, it’s not ZZ .  Just some guys who play together in Orlando.  BecknateBecka.jpga is “put a challenge in front of me and I’ll conquer it” girl.  She’s done so well with BeachBody that it’s amazing.  Her crew on FB is awesome.  I got to meet a few of them at a retreat they had and I was so impressed by their integrity (yeah, cuties, too) and commitment to doing something that helps so many people get healthy.  

The next one is Boom, Glynn, Wayla and Winter.  We are including ALL our family here, at least all who call us mom or dad.    For you who don’t know the story, we met Boom when she was a student at the university I (Bob) taught at in bum2015xmas.jpgThailand.  Glynn was interning and helped me in my classes for a bit and met her and they fell in love and got married and now live in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Dow2.jpgHere at the end of the line is Dow.  She’s another one of my students who hasn’t moved over here (yet?) that we dearly love.  She came into my office one time and told me her growing up story and with tears in her eyes asked if I’d be her daddy.  Oh my…heart melt down and honored above description.  She was a Buddhist then but has come to Christ.  So there we are.  If anyone else wants to adopt us I’ll remind you we are getting old and will need someone to take care of us one day!  ha.  I pray that all who read this are blessed by our Lord and Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ, Son of God.  wave.gif


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