Starting Over

Life could not have been going much better:  Jackie had been told she was no longer needed at her job, which she had had since 1996.  I was working but knew it was a job with an ending on the way—working on a grant.  So what to do?  elantra

Pray of course.  Pray some more.  Really, God?  Pray some more, and more and more…times infinity.

With our 1998 Buick serviced and ready to go, we hooked up the 5’x8’ trailer and headed to YWAM San Diego/Baja with a 2-year commitment made and the excitement level of Bob and Bruce as 15-year-olds seeing a north swell filling in at 2nd street in Pompano.  You’d have to have known Bruce to really grasp the level of adrenaline and hooting that went on.

The car died on the way.  We were given another one by one of my oldest and bestest friends, Jackie (the other Jackie), left the trailer in South Carolina for Leah to use and 

JackCondo.jpgrented a truck with a tow dolly.  We got here, moved into our YWAM-provided condo and were blown away by its size and beauty.  Jake (grandson living in our house) sold our couch for $250.  For about $225 we furnished this condo.  $25 to the good!  That condo doesn’t look like any YWAM housing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a bunch! It came with that cute girl too!

We took a week to settle in and find our way around Chula Vista. Chula Vista is a suburb of San Diego, about 15 minutes south, unless of course the traffic is backed up to eternity, which happens. Our new town is a cute one with a majority of the population being Mexican descent.  To the south of us another 10 minutes is the border to Mexico.  We  can see it from our condo.

 Image-1.jpgWe are both doing new jobs for us so we took a week at the office to begin learning what we are here to do (might be true, that saying about teaching old dogs!). Jackie is working in the office and running all over the place doing the logistical things that need to be done to support our 100+ staff  working in Mexico.  I’m learning spreadsheets and raising support for the mission, which I can kind of do.  

My trainer, Andrea, is a girl with great patience and a new friend–I gotta keep her close or I get swallowed up by the 10,000 details I’m supposed to learn in two weeks.

We made it through the first week of training and were taken to a smmexpoorall town just south of Tijuana to spend 4 incredibly glorious days learning more about the ministry we have joined and the people who work at it with such zeal.  

What’s it like in Mexico?  Once you get from the U.S. to Mexico, which is quickly done on most days, it’s a bit of a sensory overload.  You immediately get into wild and crazy traffic with dilapidated buihohldings and houses standing next to not-so-dilapidated buildings and house.  The above photo is quite normal for people’s homes in this part of Mexico.  The one to the left is one of the 5700 Homes of Hope YWAM has built.  The front room was added on by the folks living there.  When we came home from Mexico we stopped by here to pick up the mom and her daughter, who was being treated for her allergy to the sun, to drop them off at a clinic where she would receive care.  Her story is so sad, but that’s not a story to be shared today.  She is doing well because one of the builders saw the need and followed up and found the health care needed–for free.

We are thrilled to be here and thankful that God took a look at our circumstances a few months ago and must have thought, “These guys need a change.  I have an idea that might just work to get them moved to where I want them.”  It doesn’t take much for Jackie and I to “Go,” because it’s been something dear to our hearts for many, many years.  To go again ourselves was a wonderful surprise gift from our Father and one we were thrilled to open up and see what all was inside for us. Is it all goose bumps and fun?  No, of course not–this is life on earth after all.  

We get to “face time” with our grandson, Cadence, but we don’t get to squeeze and tickle natefamilyhim.  We still haven’t gotten to see Wayla (Glynn and Bum’s little girl) and she is already two.  We miss our kids, grandkids, son and daughter, friends, home church and probably more.  The admonition to “Go” by God never implied your family would go with you.  They did in our early years, but now we are doing our going on our own again, like our Thailand days bumfamilyonly with more kids to miss!                                    family2

Think we will make it for 2 years?  Yep, me too.  God got us through some challenges just to arrive on time, which we did.  He  provided extra finances before we left, which we sure needed, through friends.  Are we wrapped up tightly and prepared to keep on going in San Diego?  OK, here’s where we really need your help.  San Diego is in the top 10 most expensive places to live in America.  To give you an idea of what it costs out here, our friends live in a 1928 home with about 1000 square feet that would sell for $450,000.  The neighborhood, kind of ok.  We are bringing with us our Social Security check to live on and that won’t propel this ministry too far.  YWAM staff raises their own support to live on and we are needing to do that–soon.  If you are one of those people who can give us $5000 a month, or maybe $50, that would be awesome.  If we don’t fit into your budget, no worries.  Psalms 37:25 says:  Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread. We are confident that God will take care of us.  He stirred up our nest and we are out here flying as He planned…so I’m thinking we’ll get the funds we need to pay our way for the next couple of years.  If you want to pray for us that would be great.  And if you need some prayer, let us know.  We both keep lists and we both pray for our friends.  Jackie is about to blow her mind now because with this move she has to get new California health care and one thing you can count on in CA is that what could be simple is not.  Finding a plan here is much different than it was in FL.  Like I said, God brought us here so He’ll keep us.  Thanks for listening (reading).  With much love and a hug. Oh, this is important, if you can support us, we are tax-deductible!  Send us an email at and I’ll give you the how-to info.  Thanks again.

Bob & Jackie











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