Merry Christmas

PiecoverChrist is born, come and worship Him. Somebody way wiser than me said, “You become what you worship,” and that’s very true and wise. In the second chapter of Luke you find that worshipping was the natural response to those who traveled to see the newborn Christ, whether a king or a shepherd.

So why not become more and more like God? What a better world it would be if we did. He loves unconditionally, He is way more patient than I’ll ever understand, He accepted me just like I was and even said He loved me, He forgave me for all the dumb stuff I did and even keeps on forgiving me for the things I do. Just think if we all behaved that way.


Bob and Jackie on an Adventure

Since we are dreaming, how about I change it to a prayer for you, the reader. Father, whoever is reading this, it’s my prayer that you bless them with all the goodness you can deal out without them exploding; that you grant them great peace in this chaotic and weird time we find ourselves living in; You meet their every need–physical and spiritual; You cause them to abound in good works; You gather them up to your side and walk with them every moment from now until we step into eternity with You.

Family and friends, God is with us. Regardless of how you feel or what you believe, God is with us. I’ll say it again: God is with us. If you are poor or if you are rich, God is with you. If you are sick, God is with you. If you are lonely, God is with you. If you are discouraged, depressed, God is with you. If you don’t believe He exists, God is with you. If you think He doesn’t care, God is with you. He is everywhere present and longs to be with you. You should sit down, relax a bit, and call out to Him and say, “I need you,” then simply talk about your life and invite Him to come be a part of it. You will find that He soon becomes your all and He is really all you ever wanted for Christmas.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you are wondering where the painting came from, I’ll tell you. Back in my history, around 1981 or so, I was working at New Wine Magazine, a Christian magazine. The Art Director, Mr. Mark Pie’, was asked to come up with a cover for the Christmas issue and this is it. I’ve always loved it and hope you enjoy it too. wave


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